Friday - 2021/04/16


The Pestalozzi team included Franz J. Kessler (Partner - Energy, pictured) and Evelyn V. Frei (Associate - Energy)

A cross-border Baker McKenzie team was led by London partner and co-head of the Firm’s renewables group, Marc Fèvre, assisted by Graham Richmond, Saskia Volhard and Lewis Malkin, working with a team in Madrid led by Antonio Morales and Jorge

UBS has acquired an Italy-based 14.4MW solar portfolio and 4 MW biogas portfolio from Econergy Systems and RGreen Invest. Under the terms, UBS has also secured an option that would allow it to acquire additional 22 MW of solar assets

Amis, Patel & Brewer served as legal counsel for Capital Dynamics. Coronal Energy's chief legal officer David Lamb took part in the transaction for the seller side. 

Hyundai Motor Company invests in Swiss-based Grz Technologies, a spin-off of Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Epfl), specialized in energy storage in hydrogen form

Three wind farms to one buyer: the Swiss re:cap global investors has acquired three wind projects located in Melgven, Callac and Gardelegen from Energiequelle.

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