Bär & Karrer: UBS Switzerland’s merger with Credit Suisse

Following the completion of the acquisition of Credit Suisse Group by UBS Group on 12 June 2023, and the completion of the merger between UBS and Credit Suisse (“Parent Bank Merger”) on 31 May 2024, the boards of directors of UBS Switzerland and Credit Suisse (Schweiz) approved the merger between UBS Switzerland and Credit Suisse (Schweiz) (“Swiss Bank Merger”). Bär & Karrer acts as lead legal advisor to UBS in Switzerland in this transaction.

Bär & Karrer’s team

The team includes Peter Hsu (regulatory/M&A), Urs Kägi, Thomas Rohde, Rolf Watter, Fabienne Perlini, Shu Zhang (all corporate/M&A), Frédéric Bétrisey, Daniel Flühmann, Tiffany Ender, Matej Teslar, Elias Hepp, Elisabeth Burkhardt, Fanny Siegwart, Kevin Kögler (all regulatory/M&A), Thomas Stoltz, Sarah Riesch (corporate/Notary), Susanne Schreiber, Cyrill Diefenbacher, Martin Leu, Alessia Suter, Fabian Capt, Patrick Harms (all tax), Laura Widmer (employment), Ruth Bloch-Riemer (pension) as well as Mani Reinert and Martin Werner (competition).

About the merger

The Swiss Bank Merger became legally effective on 1 July 2024 upon registration in the relevant Commercial Register. UBS Switzerland has succeeded to all the rights and obligations of Credit Suisse (Schweiz) and Credit Suisse (Schweiz) has been deregistered from the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich and has ceased to exist as a separate entity.

The merger of the Swiss entities facilitates the migration of clients and operations from Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG to the UBS platform, following business, client- and product-specific requirements.

The Swiss Bank Merger is another significant milestone of the complex legal entities integration of Credit Suisse group into UBS group following the merger between UBS Group AG and Credit Suisse Group and the merger between UBS and Credit Suisse.