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Version 2.0 of 07.06. 2023

Dear Visitor (hereinafter, “You” or the “User“),

This Website (hereafter the “Website“) is owned by LC Publishing Group S.p.A., with registered office at Via Tolstoi 10 – 20146 Milan – Italy (hereinafter, “We” or the “Company”).

As our Website uses some of the so called “cookies” for different purposes, this cookie policy explains what the cookies are and how they are used on the Website.

Some cookies (so called first-party cookies) are stored and controlled directly by us. Through such cookies, the Company collects and processes some of your personal data. This cookie policy, also pursuant to Section 13 of the Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the “Privacy Code“) and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “Regulation”), explains how we collect such data, for what purposes and what your rights are.

Other cookies (so called third-party cookies) are stored and controlled by third parties. This cookie policy contains links to the privacy policy published by such third parties, that you are invited to read carefully.

Please do read carefully this cookie policy and the general Privacy policy of the Website in order to make an informed choice.

A. What are cookies and what are they used for.

Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user send directly to his/her terminal (usually to the browser). Such cookies are stored into the user’s terminal in order to be retransmitted to the same websites when the user accesses them again (so called first-party cookies). During the browsing on a website, the user may receive on his/her terminal also cookies of different websites or webservers (so called third-party cookies); this happens because the visited websites contain items such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to pages of other websites that are hosted on a server other than the one on which the requested page is hosted. In other words, these are cookies that are set by a website different from the one that the User is currently visiting.

The cookies may be limited to a single browsing session (so called session cookies) and, in such case, they automatically disable when the User closes the browser. Some other cookies may have a preset expiry date and, in such case, they will remain stored and active in the User’s hard-disk until such expiry date, continuing to collect information in the course of the subsequent browsing sessions (so called permanent cookies).

Cookies are used for different purposes. Some of them are used to allow the user to visit a website and use its features (so called technical cookies). Some other cookies are used in order to collect statistical information, in aggregated or non-aggregated form, about the number of users who access a Website and how a website is used (so called monitoring or analytics cookies). Lastly, other cookies are used to track the User’s profile as a consumer and display advertising on a website which are consistent with Your interests (so called, profiling cookies).

The Website makes use exclusively of technical cookies and analytics cookies and does not make use of profiling cookies.

For further details about these categories of cookies please keep reading this cookie policy. Find out how they work and what they are used for and freely choose whether to provide or not Your consent to their use.

  B. Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used on the Website for the sole purpose of allowing You to visit the Website and use its features. These cookies are always first-party cookies, as they are stored directly by us through the Website.

Some technical cookies are necessary to provide You with an optimized user experience or to allow your authentication on the Website, e.g. to purchase something on the Website or access your personal area (so called navigation cookies). Normally navigation cookies are session cookies and, therefore, once the internet browser is closed, they are automatically disabled.

Other technical cookies are useful to allow the User to save some of his/her preferences (e.g. the language or the country of origin) without having to reset such preferences each time You visits the Website (so called functionality cookies). For this reason, functionality cookies are often persistent cookies, because they remain stored in Your computer even after the interest browser has been closed, until the relevant expiry date or until you delete them from your browser.

As provided for by the applicable privacy laws (Art. 122 of the Privacy Code), Your prior consent to the set-up of these cookies is not necessary. Obviously, you can freely decide to block the set-up of the technical cookies, by changing your internet browser settings (please refer to paragraph E, n. 1 to know how to do it). However, please consider that, by blocking the set-up of the technical cookies or deleting such cookies, the possibility to access the Website, use it in whole or in part, enable/disable specific features or receive specific services may be in whole or in part jeopardized.

C. Monitoring cookies or “analytics”

Analytics cookies are used on the Website to collect statistical information on the number of users accessing the Website and how they visit it, being it in an aggregate form or not.

The analytics cookies of this Website are third-party cookies, as they are not managed directly by the Company but by the relevant third parties.

Third-party analytics cookies are installed on the Website only subject to your consent, as these cookies are not anonymized and, therefore, other third parties might have access to disaggregated analytic data at an IP address level (in other words, through these cookies, third parties may theoretically trace back your identity through the IP address).

For this reason, when you access the Website, a banner is displayed in order to inform you that (i) the Website uses third-party analytics cookies and that (ii) by closing the banner, scrolling the homepage or by clicking any element on the Webpage other than the banner, you give your consent to the use of such cookies. Should You give your consent for the set-up of the cookies in the said way, we will keep record of your consent through a technical cookie. By doing this, we will prevent You from visualizing the banner again during your future visits to the Website. Please do consider that, should you cancel this technical cookie from your browser through the process described under the following paragraph E, n.1), the record of your consent will be lost and, therefore, during your next visit to the Website, the banner on the cookies will be displayed again.

Obviously, you can freely decide to block the storing of analytics cookies at any time, and, in such case, the possibility to visit the Website or benefit of its contents will not be jeopardized in any manner whatsoever. If You would like to know how to do it, please read carefully the privacy policies of the relevant third parties by clicking on the links in the board above.

D. Profiling cookies

Third-party profiling cookies are permanent cookies used on the Website to show you advertisings which are consistent with your tastes, preferences and online history. In this way the advertising messages that you will see on our Website will be more interesting for you.

As required by current legislation on privacy, for the installation of these cookies your prior consent is required. For this reason, when you access the Website, a special banner is displayed, which informs you that (i) profiling cookies are used on the Website and that (ii) closing the banner, scrolling the home page or clicking any element of the home page outside the banner, you are consenting to the use of cookies. Should you express your consent to the installation of cookies in this way, we will keep track of your consent through a special technical cookie. In this way, we will avoid having you display the banner on cookies during your subsequent visits to the Website. Please consider that, if you had to delete this technical cookie from your browser in the manner set out in paragraph E, n. 1, the trace of your consent would be lost and, therefore, during the course of your next visit to the site the cookie banner will be displayed again.

You are free to block the installation of profiling cookies at any time, without the possibility of visiting the Website and enjoying its contents being in any way compromised. If you decide to deactivate behavioral advertising, this does not mean that you will no longer receive advertisements on the Website. However, the banners you see on the Website may not reflect your interests or preferences.

The profiling cookies used on this Website are installed by third parties, who act as autonomous data controllers (third-party cookies).

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  1. How to control and disable cookies and how to opt-out from their use

There are different ways to manage, disable or delete cookies:

(1) Change the settings of Your browser

Follow the instructions given by the developer of your Internet browser to find out how to control, disable or erase some or all of the cookies /technical and analytics):

Make your choices carefully. Rejecting all cookies, including the technical ones, without providing for an exception on the Website, will affect your browsing activity including the use of certain functionalities. Moreover, by blocking all cookies on the browser, also the technical cookies may be removed and, therefore, the preferences that you have set on the Website or the products or services inserted in your shopping bag may be removed.

(2) Use our interactive tools or those provided by third-parties

To disable third-party cookies, please read the privacy policies of the relevant third parties who set-up analytics cookies (see paragraph C above) or profiling cookies (see paragraph D above) to know what tools are available to handle, disable and delete the cookies and, more in general, to opt-out from their use. Please remember that, by disabling third-party cookies, (i) you opt-out from their use not only on the Website but also from all other websites on which such cookies are used and (ii) the possibility to access the Website and use its features will not be jeopardized in any manner whatsoever. When You disable third party’ cookies, the cookie banner on the homepage will still be displayed; in this case, however, if you close the banner or scroll the homepage or click on any element on the of the homepage other than the banner, you will not receive any third party’ cookie that have been duly removed.

E. Further information

As highlighted in the introduction to this cookie policy, the Company collects and processes certain of your personal data through the cookies that are managed via the Website (first-party cookies). The Company acts as controller of these data, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code. We will process your data only by electronic means, in a totally automated manner and without human intervention. Therefore, our employees and collaborators will never access the content of your personal data obtained through cookies. Some of our employees and collaborates, who we have appointed as persons in charge of the processing, may perform maintenance operations on the IT systems that host your data, without ever being able to access their actual content. Personal data may be stored on servers managed by third parties (e.g. supplier of IT services), which act as external data processors appointed in writing by the Company. Please note that, by interacting with or registering to the Website, your personal data will be transferred to the United States of America, a country which does not provide a level of privacy protection which is comparable to that guaranteed by the Italian and European privacy law and in relation to which there is not an adequacy decision issued by the European Commission.

F. Your rights

You have specific rights under the Privacy Code and the Regulation. Please refer to the general Privacy policy of the Website for more information.