BianchiSchwald sponsors the HSG Moot Court Team

BianchiSchwald is currently sponsoring the HSG Moot Court Team, consisting of Filippo Börner and Manuel J. Constam and supported by Tanja Wohlgemuth and Fabio von May, in view of its participation in the Vis Moot Court 2023 in Vienna.

The Vis Moot is the biggest international competition for law students fostering the study and practice of international commercial sales law and arbitration. By participating in the 30th edition, the HSG Vis Moot Team is marking 20 years of competing.

A successful trial run with the arbitrators Christoph Gasser, Cyrill Süess and Tamara Rechsteiner of BianchiSchwald as well as spectators of the BianchiSchwald team took place in our Zurich office on March 2023.