Discovering WWCDA Swiss Chapter with Clara Poglia

Partner of Schellenberg Wittmer (Sw), Clara Poglia runs plenty of activities that see her at the forefront of the legal community. One of them is her role as chapter leader of the Women in White Collar Defense association’s Swiss Chapter.

Even though the gender parity situation doesn’t differ much from other European countries, «we are still behind and there is a lot of work to do», Poglia tells to This is also one of the reasons why, in 2018, «we decided to launch the Swiss Chapter together with my colleague Sylvie Bertrand-Curreli» with the objective of «sharing experiences linked to the legal aspects of our profession».

The group, which includes also university professors and criminologists, goes beyond the professional element: «there is also a desire of women who do the same difficult work to meet and exchange personal opinions», Poglia says. The Swiss chapter usually organizes three events per year aiming also at connecting the dots among the different cantons and therefore uniting different cultures. «This is pretty unique», she comments.

Despite the pandemic, the association is actively working to organize new forms of meetings and events. Covid-19 may be of interest for the cause of the gender equality when it comes to remote work. «I believe that coronavirus has shown that there can be greater flexibility in our way of working», she says. She believes that this awareness can be «positive for those families with children, as it is now clear that you don’t have to be permanently be in the office to be efficient».


Clara Poglia has also been portrayed in the latest MAG.