In-house counsel expect low or no bonus in 2020, survey finds

More than 40% of legal professionals responding to a recent survey by The Adecco Group said they don’t expect to get a bonus this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, Reuters reports. Of those who think they might still get a bonus, 55% expected it to be lower than it was in 2019.
The human resources firm surveyed 200 legal professionals, comprising those who work in corporate legal departments and law firms. 43% of legal professionals responding said their organizations cut salaries this year. At least 38% of those surveyed reported furloughs at their organizations, and at least 32% had layoffs.
In this challenging scenario there is a good news: 38% of legal professionals said they’re likely to rehire for those roles. Nearly 35% answered they definitely will. The majority of those planning to rehire said they’ll start that process within a year.