Inhousecommunity Awards Switzerland 2020: winners announced

On November 12, and celebrated the excellence of the in-house world in Switzerland with its Inhousecommunity Awards Switzerland 2020.

The event took place in web edition, in collaboration with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), the world’s largest community of in-house counsel.

The award ceremony acknowledged the best in-house teams and counsels of the country who stood out in the market showing great skills and abilities in managing complex issues over the last 12 months.


Here is the complete list of winners:

Inspiring Career
Ricardo Cortés-Monroy

He has been one of the most influential general counsel not only in Switzerland, but in the entire world. He has worked almost 20 years at Nestlé and nowadays he is the senior vice president of the company. Furthermore, he is a scholar and a brilliant opinion leader.


Thought Leadership
Matteo Missaglia – HELSINN GROUP

With a long experience in the pharmaceutical sector, he has transformed the in-house team into an international and a more specialised one. Thanks to his skills and his outstanding personality, he is one of the most influent in-house counsel of Switzerland.


In-House Team of the Year Transport

An outstanding group of highly qualified lawyers, led by Stephanie Bregy, a lawyer with in-depth knowledge of the transport sector. The team is globally recognized for being ready to handle the needs of the business in particular during the current crisis.


In-House Counsel of the Year Transport
Federico Centonze – Hupac Intermodal

He leads one of the most productive teams of the year. The team is supporting the Company in its digitalization process and has distinguished itself for the ability of dealing with institutional activities.


In-House Team of the Year Tech
Acer Europe

The Team, led by Guido Wennemer, is recognized for being extremely versatile. In fact, their strength is this perfect mix of professionals, who are well-versed in different fields.


In-House Team of the Year Food & Beverage
Barry Callebaut

The team, led by Martin Oesch, has many highly skilled and prepared professionals. It has particularly distinguished itself for their ambitious growth strategy plan based on four pillars and their attention to sustainability. The team also worked in completing the acquisition of GKC Foods in Australia.


In-House Counsel of the Year Food & Beverage
Jennifer Picenoni – Lindt & Sprüngli

She is one of the most influent general counsel in Switzerland and also part of the board of directors of the company. She works on complex legal issues that require quick and pragmatic solutions. Qualities much appreciated by the market during these challenging times.


Innovative Leadership
Jesús Castell Devís – responsAbility Investments

Highly experienced professional, he has led the legal aspects of some innovative projects of the Company as, for example, the recent 10-year-program to boost resilience of smallholder farmers.


In-House Team of the Year Industry, Infrastructure and Costruction

The team, led by Elmar Büth, has particulary distinguished itself for having mobilized all available resources to help handling the pandemic. They brilliantly managed a huge number of fraud attempts.


In-House Counsel of the Year Industry, Infrastructure and Costruction
Dahir Ali – CNH Industrial

Vice president and general counsel Asia Middle East and Africa, he is particularly appreciated for elaborating methods and working modalities that can easily reach business objectives in a very practical way.


In-House Team of the Year Insurance
Swiss Re

The team is made up of highly skilled professionals. Recently, they have worked on M&A operations and they are a key business partner of the digital innovation that the insurance sector is facing.


In-House Counsel of the Year Insurance
Alexander Lacher – Generali (Schweiz) Holding

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the professional has been general counsel of the insurance group since 2018. Thanks to its commitment to the community and its scientific activity, it is among the most influential inhouse counsel in Switzerland in this field.


In-House Team of the Year Banking and Finance
Cornèr banca

A team with recognized highly skilled professionals, appreciated most of all for their efficiency. They are constantly updated and they are working on a project that will bring innovative solutions to the financial sector.


In-House Counsel of the Year Banking and Finance
Alessandro Bianchi – Banca del Ceresio

The Professional is recognized for being highly experienced in the banking & finance sector. His strengths are, among others, his practical approach and his ability to find solutions to complex legal matters.


In-House Team of the Year Healthcare, Chemical and Pharma
Fresenius Medical Care

The team, led by Kees van Ophem, is made up by highly skilled and experienced professionals, who can always manage expectations with a pragmatic and assertive approach.


In-House Counsel of the Year Healthcare, Chemical and Pharma
Shannon Thyme Klinger – Novartis

Outstanding professional who particularly distinguished herself for leading a team that is working to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.


In-House Team of the Year Energy and Trading

Closely-knit and versatile, the team led by Graham Donnell is highly skilled and experienced. In 2019, it distinguished itself for having worked on the integration of Meridian Steel Limited.


In-House Counsel of the Year Energy and Trading
Franck Vernier – MET International

He has led the department for two years and is highly appreciated for his commitment and his strong knowledge of the field. His expertise has been recognized by many market protagonists.


In-House Team of the Year Fashion, Luxury and Design
Audemars Piguet

The team, led by Nicolas Burgener, has a stellar portfolio in the watchmaking and jewellery arena with limited assistance of external counsels. This year, the legal team was also deeply involved on the big project of the opening Musée Atelier in Le Brassus.


In-House Counsel of the Year Fashion, Luxury and Design
Elena Mauri – Ermenegildo Zegna

She has worked in the industry for almost 20 years and is recognized as one of the most skilled professionals of the sector. She created a brand new legal department and has been leading it for the past 4 years.


Rising Star
Alessia Attisani – CNH Industrial

Highly skilled professional, she is strengthening her position in the Swiss inhouse community by successfully leading the group activities in the Central Asia markets.