Kellerhals Carrard: GROB Nebikon Joins F.G. Pfister Foundation

GROB Nebikon is a leading Swiss manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gears, bevel gears, worms and worm gears for customers in the machine and vehicle construction, plant and apparatus engineering sectors. Fritz Grob, owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of GROB, sells 90% of the company to F.G. Pfister Holding as part of a succession solution, under whose umbrella the entrepreneurial activities of the F.G. Pfister Foundation are bundled.

A team of Kellerhals Carrard, lead by partner Michèle Remund (corporate/M&A, pictured) together with Thomas Bähler, Kathrin Enderli and Leandra Gafner advised the F.G. Pfister Group on this transaction.