Kilian Schärli new international chair of LESI YCM – Young Members Congress

Kilian Schärli, partner at MLL, has been elected as the international chair of the LESI YCM – Young Members Congress. The nomination was held during the annual LESI international annual conference that took place from 8-10 May 2022 in Venice.

The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is an association of 33 national and regional Member Societies comprised of men and women who have an interest in the transfer of technology, or licensing of intellectual property rights. From technical know-how and patented inventions to software, copyright and trademarks. The mission of the LESI YCM is to increase the number of active members under the age of 40 within LES Member Societies and to encourage participation and networking by young members at LESI events through the organization of unique educational and social programs.

iKilian Schärli works with clients in the technology, industrial and internet sectors. He specializes in the fields of intellectual property, blockchain technology, unfair competition, licensing and distribution. He is also Co-Head of MLL’s Blockchain Technologies and MLLStart! industry groups.