Legalcommunity Week in Milan concludes with cybersecurity, innovation talks, and awards

Legalcommunity Week, a four-day whirlwind of substantive sessions, athletic events, and outings, concluded with sessions dedicated to tech innovation and challenges and a gala award dinner.

The day started with a session on the new economy and in-house legal needs. The question was, with the new economy, driven by innovation and disruption, what does the legal sector look like and what challenges does it face.

Stefano Brogelli, legal and compliance director of AxpoItalia, Giuseppe Catalano, company secretary and head of corporate affairs, Generali, Yves Garagnon, DiliTrust CEO, Daniel B. Garrie, case manager JAMS, Stefano Manacorda, Chiomenti of counsel, and Alessandro Portolano, took part in the round table, along with Marco Reggiani, Snam general counsel, Joana Roucayrol, group general  counsel ST Dupont, Valérie Ruotolo, country counsel HP Italy and Viola Teppati, GC of Contrad Swiss. (Legalcommunity is the parent company of, and the law firm Chiomenti sponsored the sessions.)

The afternoon’s session continued in a venue called Palazzo del Ghiaccio, literally “Ice Palace,” a former skating rink. In a session co-produced by the international firm Dentons, participants talked about monetization and protection of personal data. Speaking were Simone Davini, head of legal and corporate affairs for Crédit Agricole CIB; Mohamed Elmogy, general counsel, Egypt Siemens Technologies SAE; Giangiacomo Olivi, a Dentons partner, and Ria Thomas, a partner at Brunswick Global, who serves as co-lead on cybersecurity.

After the meeting, the Legalcommunity Corporate Awards ceremony took place, with hundreds of attendees watching. A gala dinner followed—look in this space for an update.