Lorenz Oetiker and Hadi Mirzai are back at CMS Zurich

Lorenz Oetiker and Hadi Mirzai are back as Associates in the office of CMS Zurich.

Lorenz Oetiker (pictured right) spent the last year in London, where he obtained a Master of Law in comparative and international dispute resolution from Queen Mary University, which he graduated with distinction. He advises and conducts proceedings in the area of ​​general contract and commercial matters.

Hadi Mirzai (pictured left) recently passed the bar exam and is now back at CMS, where he works as an associate. Hadi Mirzai’s practice covers all aspects of Swiss and European antitrust law (e.g. horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of market dominance, merger control and civil antitrust law). He advises clients from a wide variety of industries and represents them in administrative proceedings before courts and the Swiss Competition Commission.