Swiss LegalTech Association: a bridge towards the future of legal field 

The legal services industry is entering a phase of deep transformation leading to a new ecosystem for the whole industry, including lawyers, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and professionals. In this panorama, Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) proposes to be a neutral, non-profit association aiming to bring together Swiss LegalTech community and developing abroad. talked with Christoph Küng, Co-Founder & President of the association.

You founded SLTA. But when has your interest in legal tech arisen?

When I attended several international LegalTech conferences in 2014, I realized that industrialization will also affect the legal profession and legal marketplace. During this time, I worked in the legal department of a major bank and realized how old-fashioned and inefficient the in-house processes were. The Swiss legal market was very opaque and there was no intention to change this. At that time, I had two pieces of evidence: Abroad, especially in the Anglosaxon regions, the first changes could be seen, and in Switzerland people were working in the legal field as they had been 100 years ago.

So, you felt something needed to change…

At that time there were only a few people who encountered this situation and together with a like-minded person, Antoine Verdon, I founded the Swiss LegalTech Association (SLTA) in autumn 2015. Later, it turned out that the timing was absolutely right. Even though the LegalTech community was still meager, those who saw the surge, were very convinced and dynamic. In the coming years we clearly raised the bar for LegalTech in Switzerland.

How is the association structured?

SLTA is a hybrid of an entrepreneurially managed organization and a non-profit association. The Executive Board manages the daily business with clearly defined responsibilities. The Extended Executive Board includes the regional chapters and is responsible for the organization of events and the community building throughout Switzerland. In addition, we have an Advisory Board with personalities who are familiar with LegalTech, are supporting the SLTA as door openers and are available for second opinions.