SLTA Ticino Chapter: a dynamic reality between Zurich and Milan

Ticino is an important chapter for the Swiss LegalTech Association, which has opened over one year and half ago. Indeed, it is an interesting and dynamic area, as Stefano Perucchi, Executive Board Member and Head Chapters & Events of SLTA, tells «Legaltech is a multifaced solution for this area: we’re dealing with tools that can be used in different fields and from different stakeholders creating, in this way, links between other actors and the legal field». The area is, in fact, in the middle between Zurich and Milan: two vibrant poles. «We aim to connect them, and we’re open to collaboration with Italy», Stefano underlines.

The objective for Ticino chapter is to grow and raise awareness on the topics covered by the association. In order to increase memberships and partnerships, new activities should bring actors together. «That’s why I would like to organize a Ticino event in the near future involving SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland), USI (University of Italian Switzerland) and Fondazione Agire (agency for Ticino innovation)», he continues. «The intention is to collaborate with them and connect all these different realities», Stefano concludes.

Apart being responsible for the Ticino Chapter, Stefano is a Partner at Kellerhals Carrard, one of the main Swiss law firm, where he practices as legal counsel in the area of commercial law. His activity also extends to intellectual and industrial property rights, with particular expertise in matters of brand protection and brand development. In this context he provides legal advices to both Swiss and international clients particularly from the sports and fashion branches.