Zulauf Partner Welcomes Manuel Bertschi to Partnership

Zulauf Partner, the distinguished media law firm in Zurich, proudly announced the admission of Manuel Bertschi to the partnership on December 1, 2023. With a legal journey dating back to 2017, Bertschi joined Zulauf Partner as a Senior Associate in 2021, bringing his wealth of experience from leading commercial law firms in Zurich and Basel as Kellerhals Carrard and Lenz & Staehelin. Prior to his tenure at Zulauf, Bertschi served as a media lawyer for the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) and co-managing director of Fairmedia. His multifaceted background includes journalism roles, including contributions to the Basler Zeitung, enhancing the firm’s legal prowess.

He advises individuals and companies primarily in the areas of media and communications law, protection of personality and reputation and copyright law. His advice also covers many aspects in the context of internet activities, in particular in connection with social media platforms, search engines and e-commerce. In addition to advising on media law, he also specialises in the areas of sports and labour law as well as foundation and association law. Manuel Bertschi chairs the We.Publish foundation and is a founding member of an online medium from Basel.