A law firm profile: Leading Law

by Alessio Foderi

Leading Law – Notaries and Lawyers is a firm that merges notaries and lawyers in a single professional container of freelancers, who offers advice in all fields of law, notary and legal, in full compliance with the legal and ethical regulations.
It has eight offices in Italy (in addition to the Turin offices, also Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Lodi, Bergamo and Bra) and one in Switzerland. Legalcommunity.ch met the lawyer Gabriele Varrasi to better understand how the firm works. Here’s what he said:


Could you describe the Swiss Office? When was it opened? The team?

For many years I have been dreaming to live in Switzerland. For many years I have been traveling to Switzerland at least one week a month for work commitments and, thanks to that, I have been able to expand my knowledge on a personal level as well. Two years ago, I was in a condition of personal and working life that allowed me to realize this desire. I then started looking for a home and office, and in 2019 I moved permanently. The office is therefore located in Castagnola – Lugano and has a beautiful view on the Lugano Lake. It is nice to welcome clients with a good atmosphere and we chose this office specifically for clients and for our team. Our staff consists of three different teams: the Legal, the Trust Company and Crypto & Blockchain ones. One thing I’m proud of, is that our teams are composed by women, except me and one other employee.


What practice areas are you covering in particular? 

I have been working in the legal sector since I was 18 and have always been involved in Corporate Law, Tax Law, Corporate Governance, Trust Law and Crypto & Blockchain world. Having two degrees in both Law and Economics, in addition to the PhD, I created my own work in which I combine the different skills. Our target clients are entrepreneurs or families. We help clients by advising them on the best way to organize their assets or their companies. The first work that takes place with the client is the HAP (Harmony Assets Project) in which the client’s assets and family-corporate structures are analyzed and the solutions to be implemented are provided to have the greatest legal-fiscal efficiency of the assets. All this work is carried out with a view to reducing the risk of family quarrels because a harmonious heritage is also designed.


You also have an office in St.Moritz…

Yes. We have been following clients in St. Moritz for some years and we have decided to open an office. It may seem strange, but we receive clients during the weekend, while family members have fun in the snow. We have already had the opportunity to work with new international Clients on the reorganization and protection of assets, tax planning and in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) purchases. With the office in St Moritz, we implemented a service that we had started years ago, that consists to have meetings with clients during transfer flights. Having a meeting during a private flight helps the client’s concentration and is therefore more effective, occupying every minutes of the client’s day.


You’re covering in particular crypto assets. What (legal) scenarios are ahead?

As I wrote and said already in 2011, cryptocurrency is in extreme synthesis an “exchange units”. Switzerland, together with Malta, were among the first Countries to start regulating the cryptocurrencies. In a very first conference I said: when the wind of change blows, someone build walls, others build windmills. The Blockchain part will have a strong impact on society and businesses. Cryptocurrencies, if you read the numbers, are already an important reality. However, I think that more regulation is needed but they should not be looked at badly: the instrument wouldn’t be guilty, if there were no human malice. In this period, we have been involved in helping some clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a legal and safe way; we cannot recommend the investment or not, because it is not our job, but we can at least make the purchase certain and safe. As we have also followed the trading of cryptocurrencies (in particular Bitcoin): our task is to carry out all the checks and to act as an escrow between parties, so the negotiation is legal and safe and there is no recycling profile. We do this job with two Swiss banks with whom we have been collaborating for a long time.


A project you followed in this field you’d like to point out…

One of our pillars is total confidentiality towards our clients, their businesses and their assets. For this reason, we can’t speak explicitly about important projects involving known people. I can say that there is a lot of junk around (on the web) and you have to act very carefully. However, I can tell you about the crypto operations that we am following the most and they are those that concern the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in a legal and safe way. Our job is to help aware people, together with their trusted professionals, to buy and / or sell in compliance with the law and in a safe way. Here is also a new project in this field, but I will reveal it in the next interview…