Adrian Peyer new legal partner at MME Legal

Adrian Peyer joins MME Legal as new legal partner. With this strategic addition, the firm strengthens its fast growth in the field of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Adrian Peyer has a solid background in corporate governance and a thriving expertise in the dynamic ESG landscape. As Co-Founder and CEO of impactvise, a data analytics start-up applying AI/NLP to ESG assessments, he led the company from idea to implementation and recently to a successful transaction with a US company.

In his new role at MME, Peyer will spearhead with the founding partner Martin K. Eckert the further development of the firm’s pioneering ESG legal practice. Leveraging his extensive experience and insights gained from both the in-house legal positions at a global insurance group and his entrepreneurial venture, he will guide the firm’s clients through the realm of ESG regulations, compliance, governance, and will support them in the strategic positioning of ESG to gain a competitive advantage.

Prior to this, Peyer was advisor at FCE Group and General Counsel – Legal Affairs & Operations at Zurich Insurance Group.