Advestra on Financial Services Software Group’s K&W Software Deal

Advestra acted as Swiss leg­al coun­sel in facilitating the recent strategic move by The Financial Services Software Group, comprising a consortium of esteemed banking and insurance software specialists Base-Net Informatik, b+m Informatik, engram, SUBITO, and PRO-DIRECT-FINANCE, where the Group orchestrated a significant investment in K&W Software, in collaboration with the management team. 

K&W Software, a distinguished Swiss software boutique, stands out with its tailored and sustainable end-to-end solutions within the realm of credit advice.  

Advestra legal team con­sisted of Beda Kaufmann (pictured), Anna Capaul and Gök­tuğ Gür­büz (all Cor­por­ate | M&A) as well as Alex­an­der von Jein­sen (Cor­por­ate | M&A and Financing). 

Suzan Abdien Hago Taha