Nino Sievi_David Ehlebracht

Nater Dallafior scores victory in Joint Venture dispute

In a recent legal triumph, Nater Dallafior successfully represented a globally renowned commodity trading company in a complex arbitration case. The proceedings centered around a dispute that emerged following the dissolution of a joint venture, which had jointly generated annual turnovers surpassing USD 50 million. 

The arbitration arose from a former joint venture partner’s claim against Nater Dallafior’s client, alleging outstanding profit participation as a result of the joint venture’s dissolution. 

The arbitral tribunal, in a decisive ruling, sided with Nater Dallafior’s client, dismissing all claims made by the former partner. Furthermore, the tribunal also granted compensation for legal costs incurred during the arbitration process. 

Following the favourable arbitration award, Nater Dallafior’s legal team, comprising Nino Sievi (pictured left) and David Ehlebracht (pictured right), proceeded to secure a freezing order. 

Suzan Abdien Hago Taha