Luca Bozzo_Alexandre Gallopin_Audrey Tasso

Borel & Barbey facilitates BPM Group’s entry into the Swiss Market 

Borel & Barbey has advised BPM Group, a French automobile group, in its strategic expansion into the Swiss market. As part of this endeavor, BPM Group has successfully acquired four dealerships located in the cantons of Vaud and Valais. Borel & Barbey played a pivotal role in advising BPM Group on the implementation of its operations in Switzerland and acted as buy-side counsel for these four acquisitions. 

The legal team was composed of Luca BozzoAlexandre Gallopin and Audrey Tasso for the transactional and corporate aspects, Vincent Berger for the tax aspects and Yannick Fernandez and Alexandre Merlo for the real estate aspects. 

Suzan Abdien Hago Taha