Corporate equality: figures from American virtuous model

The results of this year’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI), a report published by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, showcase how 1059 US-based companies are promoting LGBTQ-friendly workplace policies in the United States, while also helping advance the cause of LGBTQ inclusion in workplaces abroad. The report includes Fortune magazine’s 500 largest publicly traded businesses, American Lawyer magazine’s top 200 revenue-grossing law firms (some of them are international and have offices in Switzerland as well) and hundreds of publicly and privately held mid- to large-sized businesses.

The report

According to 2020’s results (18th edition of the report), 686 businesses earned a 100 percent rating and the designation of being a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.” Top-rated CEI employers come from nearly every industry and region of the United States. This year’s CEI reflects growth across nearly every measurement category from the adoption of inclusive non-discrimination policies to equitable benefits to efforts to engage the LGBTQ community.

Among other key findings there is transgender inclusion in the workplace is fast progressing.  The most significant figure in the CEI has been the wide-scale adoption of transgender-inclusive initiatives across businesses. Over five-hundred and seventy major businesses have adopted gender transition guidelines for employees and their teams to establish best practices in transgender inclusion.

CEI rates companies and top law firms on detailed criteria falling under five broad categories: non-discrimination policies, employment benefits, demonstrated organizational competency and accountability around LGBTQ diversity and inclusion, public commitment to LGBTQ equality and responsible citizenship.