Kellerhals Carrard in Decentriq’s $3.8 million seed round

Decentriq, the enterprise data security expert, recently completed its $3.8 million seed round, led by btov Partners, with significant participation from Paladin Capital Group and existing investor Atlantic Labs. The investment is intended to drive international growth and to widen the client base.

Decentriq’s cloud-based platform enables enterprises to access sensitive data – which falls under GDPR or is strategically important – in a confidential and protected environment. Organizations can also apply external machine learning models to their internal datasets.

The team

The Kellerhals Carrard Startup Desk assisted Decentriq in this transaction with a team led by Nicolai Nuber (pictured right) and Karim Maizar (pictured left), with further support by Dario SilberschmidtGentiana Shabanaj and Lena Plank.