Legalcommunity Week 2019: more events, more speakers, more guests

In just a month, our parent company, LC Publishing Group, will hold its third annual Legalcommunity Week. The gathering will take place in Milan from June 10-14, with the support of the City of Milan.

The week features five full days of meetings, conferences and round tables that will feature figures from the business and finance worlds and the leaders of the biggest corporate law firms.

Sure, there will be lots of informative and serious events—for example, on Wednesday, June 12, there will be a session on Brexit. But the event also features entertainment, such as the Corporate Run, two hours of jogging through the early morning streets of Italy’s business capital. And, also on June 12, but at night, bands composed of lawyers from Milan’s firms, as well as employees from the business world, will compete in the Corporate Music Contest.

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In all, the program involves 85 speakers and 50 international guests, with the support of 49 partners including partners and sponsors. Five thousand participants are expected in total. We hope to see you there, if you can make it.