NKF advises Bertrand Piccard & Climate Impulse on partnership agreement with Syensqo

Niederer Kraft Frey has advised Bertrand Piccard and Climate Impulse on the project set-up and partnership agreement with Syensqo. After achieving the first circumnavigations of the globe in a balloon and more recently in a solar aircraft, Bertrand Piccard has unveiled on 7 February 2024, this new emission-free project: a green hydrogen powered airplane to fly non-stop around the Earth, demonstrating how concrete solutions can help build a cleaner and more efficient world.

The science company Syensqo, a spin-off from Solvay, is the main partner of this technological, and environmental project, to enable the development of the airplane, built in France by engineer and navigator Raphaël Dinelli.

The NKF team was led by corporate/M&A and technology partner Jacques Bonvin (pictured left), working with associate Boris Catzeflis (pictured right).

Climate Impulse plans to complete in 2028 the first non-stop round-the-world-flight in a green hydrogen powered airplane. After two years of research, development and design supported by Airbus, Daher, Capgemini and with the participation of Ariane Group, the construction of the aircraft has begun and will last two years under the direction of Raphaël Dinelli. Following another two years of testing, this unique aircraft will attempt to fly non-stop all around the Equator with pilots Bertrand Piccard and Raphaël Dinelli.