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Size the opportunities

by claudia la via

In 2024, the Swiss M&A landscape is predicted to see a robust recovery, marking a stark contrast from the cautious approach witnessed in 2023. As companies align with more stable economic conditions, there’s a palpable shift toward seizing strategic opportunities. This is what PwC Switzerland reports in its Swiss M&A Trend Outlook, which underscores the shift, highlighting an anticipated rise in deal-making activities fueled by increased corporate liquidity and a strategic focus on innovation-driven sectors such as technology and sustainability. According to the Pwc Outlook, indeed, in 2024 successful dealmakers will be those who strategically navigate megatrends and use transactions for transformation, focusing on speed, talent, and boldness to drive value creation.

A stepping stone to growth

Last year’s M&A activities were markedly subdued, faced with the challenges of high interest rates and a global economic slowdown. However, these challenges set the stage for a significant rebound in 2024, with businesses likely to capitalize on the pent-up demand and more favorable financial environments. “In 2024, the key to successful dealmaking lies in strategic foresight and embracing megatrends such as AI, climate change, and demographic shifts. It’s about using transactions not just for growth, but as decisive steps in a company’s transformational journey”, states Marc Schmidli, Partner, Deals Leader, PwC Switzerland.